Ragged Alice

Shortlisted for the 2019 British Science Fiction Association Award for Best Short Fiction and the 2020 British Fantasy Society Award for Best Novella.

A small Welsh town. A string of murders. And a detective who can literally see the evil in people’s souls.

Orphaned at an early age, DCI Holly Craig grew up in the small Welsh coastal town of Pontyrhudd. As soon as she was old enough, she ran away to London and joined the police. Now, fifteen years later, she’s back in her old hometown to investigate what seems at first to be a simple hit-and-run, but which soon escalates into something far deadlier and unexpectedly personal—something that will take all of her peculiar talents to solve.

A new thriller from TorDotCom


“Oh, I enjoyed this book a lot! More people should read it.” – Ann Leckie

“Powell has wowed readers with his science fiction; with this paranormal procedural, he proves himself just as adept at creeping them out.” – Barnes & Noble

“A compelling novella.” – Liz Bourke

“A Welsh Twin Peaks.” – Paul Cornell

In the end, Ragged Alice is a great mix of genres, giving us the suspense of a mystery, the fascination of a fantasy and the mild terror of the supernatural. Powell’s supreme writing is on display in every carefully crafted paragraph, giving us a story that’s enticing and entertaining until the very end. – Reviews & Robots


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