WorldCon 2019 Report

I got back from Dublin last night. I am footsore and tired, but really enjoyed myself. If you’ve never been to a WorldCon, it’s difficult for me to convey just how massive they are. 6000 people attended the event over the weekend, spread between various venues and hotel bars around the city.

The great thing for me was that so many of my patrons and Twitter followers were there, and I got to meet people in person who I’d only previously known online. I also got to hang out with authors such as Joe Hill, John Scalzi, Cat Valente, Marina Lostetter, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Amal El-Motar, Jonathan Howard, Emma Newman, Paul Cornell, and many more.

Dublin is also a vibrant city. It feels very European with its trams and grid layout. And the CCD was an amazing venue, with a huge glass frontage that meant you could see the sea from the top floor.

I did a reading on Friday night, which went very well. The audience laughed in all the right places. Then on Saturday, I did two panels, one on Patreon and the other on social media. I said that Patreon makes me feel I have a community of people interested and invested in my work, which is a huge boost. It also lets me afford to go to events like WorldCon, which are so important from a networking and promotional point-of-view.

I came home with some exclusive WorldCon swag, which I’m going to be giving away to subscribers to my newsletter. Stay tuned for details…

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Author: Gareth L Powell