This Morning

Today, I am writing on my laptop while sitting cross-legged in bed. The cat is purring on the duvet beside me and occasionally nudging my arm for strokes. The dog is in the kitchen (my room is in an extension leading off the back of the house) being a drama queen, and occasionally wandering in for pats. Every time he does, the cat hisses at him to tell him to go away. they tolerate each other as long as the dog respects the cat’s personal space. The back door is open so he can access the garden, which means it’s freezing in here and my legs are tucked firmly under the covers.

I have a cup of strong tea on the bookshelf beside the bed, in my favourite mug. The mug was a gift from my daughter. It has a picture of a black cat sitting on an open book, and the motto: 



Life is sweet.

I finished reading Velocity Weapon by Megan E O’Keefe yesterday, and enjoyed it very much. It’s one of the few books I’ve actually finished this year, thanks to stress-related brain fog. And now I’m trying to decide which book from my TBR pile to try next. For me, reading is like listening to music, and I have to find a book or a track that fits my mood.

I’ve also found out that the announcement I thought was coming yesterday will now arrive next Thursday. But I’ve been told I can include it in my newsletter on Sunday as a special early announcement for my subscribers–so I hope you’re signed up!

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Author: Gareth L Powell


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