Tenth Anniversary Edition of The Recollection

“It is an evil born of war. It is the end of all things.”

In January, the good folks at Solaris will be releasing a tenth anniversary edition of my 2011 time-travelling space opera, THE RECOLLECTION, with a new cover and a new introduction from me.

Here’s the back cover copy:

Four hundred years ago, Ed and Alice Rico threw themselves through a mysterious portal on the London Underground, hunting for Ed’s lost brother—Alice’s husband—Verne.

Now, starship captain Katherine Abdulov embarks on a desperate race against ruthless rival captain—and her former lover—Victor Luciano, to try and earn back her family’s trust.

Tomorrow, all their lives will be thrown together by disaster, as an ancient evil stirs among the stars, threatening the survival of all life…

“If you read only one space opera this year, it’s got to be The Recollection.” – The Guardian

“Gareth L. Powell joins the ranks of Reynolds, Banks, Hamilton and others at the forefront of science fiction.” – SF Book Reviews

“Stunning, fresh and exciting, great adventure, elegantly strung together.” – SFReviews.com 

The new edition will be released in January 2021.

Author: Gareth L Powell