Stars and Bones

From the multi BSFA award-winner comes a stunningly inventive action-packed science-fiction epic adventure. A brand-new series for fans of Becky Chambers and Ann Leckie.

The human race has been cast from a dying Earth to wander the stars in a vast fleet of arks. Ahead of the fleet flies the scout ship the Furious Ocelot, crewed only by Captain Eryn King and a snarky talking cat. When Eryn’s sister disappears during a routine mission, she insists on being part of the crew sent to look for her. What she discovers on Candidate-623 is both terrifying and deadly. When the threat follows her back to the fleet and people start dying, she is tasked with seeking out a legendary recluse who may just hold the key to humanity’s survival.


Powell balances plot, action, and character development perfectly. – Publishers Weekly

Gareth Powell drops you into the action from the first page and then Just. Keeps. Going. This is a pro at the top of his game. – John Scalzi

A headlong, visceral plunge into a future equal parts fascinating and terrifying. – Adrian Tchaikovsky

A gripping, fast-paced space opera that poses the unique question: what if instead of saving humanity, aliens decided to save the Earth? – Stina Leicht, author of Persephone Station

A grand scale adventure packed with fun banter, snappy prose, and masterful science. – Essa Hansen, author of Nophek Gloss

An interstellar intelligence has a plan for Earth’s future, but is humanity a part of it? Fast-paced and thoughtful, Stars and Bones leaves the reader well-fed with hearty helpings of mystery, suspense, adventure, and terror.
Marina Lostetter, author of Noumenon

Gareth Powell’s Stars and Bones is shocking and beautiful–an electric, epic, and sometimes gruesome look at humanity facing its biggest challenge yet. Powell keeps the pressure on and doesn’t let go. I enjoyed it immensely.
Karen Osborne, author of Architects of Memory

A vividly imagined, propulsive read. Filled with a loveable cast of characters. Powell’s writing creates a rich tapestry of their voices and inner lives. I think readers will be thrilled by this story. – Temi Oh, author of Do You Dream of Terra-Two?

Big ships, big ideas and big emotions. Thrilling space opera which is epic in scope, yet always rooted at the human level, as all the best sci-fi is. – Emma Newman, author of Planetfall

An interstellar collision of massive ideas and startling originality. – Zack Jordan, author of The Last Human

Stars and Bones crafts a future that finds hope in dark places. – Valerie Valdes, author of Chilling Effect

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