My Position on Twitter

You’ve probably seen all the fuss on Twitter over the past two days. People are concerned that Elon Musk is going to wreck the site by reinstating all the banned right-wing accounts in the name of ‘free speech.’ They’re also worried he’s going to make it a pay-to-play experience, and some are understandably nervous about giving him access to all their data.

The result of this has been a lot of people jumping ship for other social media sites. I’ve lost over a hundred followers this morning alone.

But while I share some of the above concerns, I’m going to stick around for now. I’ve made too many good friends and gathered a supportive community of writers and book fans. I can’t just walk away. So, I’m going to carry on doing what I have been doing all along, and continue being positive and supportive, and hope it makes a difference.

If you’re leaving Twitter, you can find links to all my other social media at the bottom of this page.

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Author: Gareth L Powell


4 thoughts on “My Position on Twitter”

  1. I don’t really see what the problem is.
    No censorship – just enforcement of the local laws – how can this be a bad thing?

  2. I have not closed my Twitter account yet. I have though started 2 accounts elsewhere: main Mastodon community and the Counter Social, a Mastodon variant. That way I have options. Deal is yet to be done shareholders have to agree, along with various due diligences to be passed. Muskrat is a fickle fellow and may well get bored and flounce off to something else.

  3. Musk is like some insane god, giggling from the lofty hight of his techno Mount Olympus as he gives stupid humanity the tools to destroy themselves. I won’t close the account just yet but I doubt I’ll be spending much time there.

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