My First “Novel”

At the age of ten years old, I scribbled a story into the pages of three spiral-topped reporters’ notebooks. Covering both sides of each page, it must have totalled somewhere in the region of 30,000 words. Heavily influenced by Star Wars and Blake’s 7, the story recounted the adventures of a crew of intrepid space traders and their aged vessel, The Argo. As it was handwritten, there were no rewrites. The story progressed episodically, with new adventures or plot twists thrown in whenever the pace started to lag or I watched a particularly exciting episode of Star Trek or Doctor Who. Sadly, I’ve no idea what became of those notebooks. I can’t even remember the title of the story. The books went astray decades ago. I suppose they may be hidden away in a dusty corner of the attic, but I haven’t laid eyes on them for 40 years. Maybe they’ll show up one day – but on the whole, it’s probably for the best if they don’t.

Author: Gareth L Powell


2 thoughts on “My First “Novel””

  1. I remember starting my ‘first’ novel. I would have been a teenager. Not sure what inspired it, just Asimov, Heinlein and some Phillip Jose Farmer I guess. It was supposed to be about a boy who’d been run down by a bus and who was in a coma. For some reason while in the coma he controls a huge battle in space thousands of light years away (or something, already I’m embellishing my memory!). Anyway, as with so many starts over the years it went nowhere. A few years ago I decided to finish one or stop starting them – my first novel comes out next February.

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