As you probably know, I have an Instagram account. It took me a while to really “get” the platform, though. It’s a lot less interactive than Twitter (where I spend most of my time), and therefore hard to judge whether you’re doing it right or not.

After a few false starts, I’ve settled on posting a combination of writing advice, books that interest me, promotion for upcoming releases, and behind-the-scenes shots from my walks around Bristol and other places.

My Instagram feed

I try to make each post interesting, or at least pretty to look at. I’m quite enjoying using my camera to capture quirky views. I’ve never been a big photographer, but it’s a fun creative outlet that kept me going through lockdown.

This isn’t really an advice column, as there’s still so much about Insta that I don’t know. Each of my posts gets around 40-50 likes, which means over 10% of my followers respond to each one, and that’s a higher level of engagement than I see on Twitter, where I’d need 3k likes per Tweet to get an engagement rate of 10%. Twitter feels more conversational and probably reaches more people, but my followers on Instagram seem to pay more attention…

I’ve no idea how to increase my Instagram following, though. My Twitter following goes up at a pretty steady rate of 200-300 per month, but my Instagram following has stayed more-or-less static for a couple of years. Any suggestions?

If you’re interested, you can find my feed at:

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Author: Gareth L Powell


One thought on “Instagram”

  1. I have found it really difficult to get followers to actually stay on Insta, they are big on the follow back and then unfollow regime, and as you say, very little engagement. I also hear most people only get 30 likes max no matter their following, so that is a good level or you.

    I will stick with Twitter for now & newsletter as my main promo places.

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