Finding Your Carnegie Hall

You’ve heard the old joke in which a tourist asks a musician how to get to the Carnegie Hall and is met with the response, “Practice, kid, practice!”┬áThe reason I mention it is that it contains a hefty dose of truth. Whatever your Carnegie Hall might be (a book contract, a starring role, a concert, a promotion…) the only way you’re going to get there is by keeping your skills honed and your ambition sharp.

If you’re a writer, some people say you should write everyday. I don’t think that’s necessary or feasible. Real life and the need to earn a living often intrude. But I think you should try to read everyday, if you can, as it keeps your brain in fiction mode.

And I guess the same would apply to artists or composers. You might not be able to paint or write music every day, but maybe take a couple of minutes to appreciate someone else’s work, just to keep the spark burning.

Art is a two-way process. In order to produce, we need to consume. 

So, choose your Carnegie Hall and keep it in mind, whatever you’re doing. Every time you have to make a decision, ask yourself whether or not your choice will bring you closer to your destination.

And practice, kid. Practice.

Author: Gareth L Powell


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  1. I often use this quote with my learners, especially if they are showing signs of wanting to run before they can walk, (I’m an IT tutor).

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