Don’t Wait For Inspiration

Sitting around waiting to be inspired is like sitting around waiting for a train that won’t come. Instead, you need to be using your notebooks or Word documents or whatever you use. Write down every idea you have, and then start bashing those ideas together. That’s how John Wyndham came up with DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS: carnivorous plants + a cosmic event that blinds the world. On their own, each is only half a story, but smash them together and you really have something.

So, ask yourself ‘What if such-and-such happened?’ And then ask, ‘And what if this other thing happened too?’ 

Never stop asking crazy questions. You never know which ones will be the missing pieces of your story.

Author: Gareth L Powell


One thought on “Don’t Wait For Inspiration”

  1. I find light exercise helps . If I’m cycling or swimming I take a note book with me. Also a little booze after the exercise sometimes helps. I think about a quarter of my novel got written in the Wales National Pool.

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