Things seem to have become very real, very quickly. As a result, I’ve reluctantly cancelled my attendance at Eastercon.

A couple of weeks ago, I don’t think any of us thought we’d be self-isolating and avoiding the office, pubs and family gatherings. But here we are.

I just want you to know that we’re all in this together. I’ll keep posting my usual positivity on Twitter, but if any of you are feeling lonely, please feel free to use this page to reach out. You can drop me a direct message, or use the comments section below to start a conversation with other readers. In the meantime, stay safe and stay well.

Your pal,


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Author: Gareth L Powell


3 thoughts on “COVID-19”

  1. Hey, Gareth — long time, no chat. Not feeling lonely just yet, though the prospect seems likely, having moved to Sweden literally three weeks ago, and not knowing many people other than work colleagues, who are of course mostly not at work! Though on the upside, the government response (and hence the civic vibe) here seems far calmer than that in the UK; while this place is far from the socialist utopia it sometimes gets painted as, it’s nowhere near so far down the line of precarity, which seems to manifest in a more measured response.

    But that’s by the by—mostly just wanted to wish you and yours all the best, Stay safe, and hang in there!


  2. “Things seem to have become very real, very quickly” says it all. Just a week ago, I was tired of the mass panic and hysteria. Now, after being away from work for a few days (it having closed its doors for possible exposure), I’m coming down with what feels like a last-minute winter cold, but over-analyzing it and wondering if I need to be around other humans sooner than 14 days. This pandemic has definitely changed our ways of thinking. But I agree that we’re in this together. We can (hopefully) learn from it and, above all, look out for each other until it runs its course. For now, I guess I will wallow in this “forced” isolation although I’ve been hiding from socialization this whole time. Guess there’s a silver lining. Stay healthy and safe!

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