BFA Review

The British Fantasy Society has reviewed ACK-ACK MACAQUE: THE COMPLETE TRILOGY.

Here are my favourite bits:

While each book’s plot reads like that of an action movie, there are many moments of genuine poignancy and sublime characterisation. The development of Ack Ack himself – from sweaty simian to someone much more – is particularly well done, but the other characters shine too, making them much more than a supporting cast. While his villains literally do want to take over the world, Powell ensures there’s a motivation behind it which pushes them beyond evil mastermind cliché.


Like the best science-fiction, it can be read as a commentary on important issues: animal experimentation would be the obvious one, but Powell also deals with identity, finding a place in society, and the lengths a person will go to after the loss of a loved one.

And lastly…

This omnibus also includes the original short story, first published in Interzone magazine, along with an updated ending exclusive to this edition, making it a fine package indeed. Overall, this is the fantastic romp it would initially appear to be; readers are sure to be entertained, but also intrigued and fascinated by the sheer range and depth that Powell has to offer within these pages.

You can read the whole thing on the BFA site, here.

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Author: Gareth L Powell