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MacaqueAttack_300Macaque Attack features in Den Of Geek‘s list of top books of 2015.

They write:

I remember seeing the first book – Ack Ack Macaque – in bookstores and being tempted by that irresistible title, but I worried that a story about a one-eyed cigar-chomping monkey WWII pilot who fights Nazis might be a little too… well… silly? Eventually I gave in and found myself blazing through the entire trilogy in a few days. It’s that addictive.

Powell has created a vast, thoroughly original world that is so imaginative, emotionally engaging and frighteningly real that you don’t want to leave it. His characters – human, simian and, uh, other! – are beautifully crafted and written with a depth and sincerity that gives them life. This grounding keeps the story tight even when Powell plays fast and very loose with reality. Although Macaque Attack! focuses more on shock twists and action sequences than its predecessors, the setup has been handled so carefully that you’ll be primed for this gloriously entertaining pay-off. These books have brightened my year.

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Author: Gareth L Powell


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