Beard Care

As a notoriously hirsute author, folk occasionally ask me to give them my top tips for taming their facial foliage. Especially now, as so many of you have grown beards during the lockdowns of the past year, and now want to return to work without looking like a Covid castaway.

Well, I don’t do anything fancy, but I’ll walk you through my routine.

The Essentials

  • A beard comb for straightening out those tangles
  • A good beard trimmer with adjustable cut lengths
  • Beard shampoo to keep your beard clean
  • Beard oil and balm to keep your beard and the skin underneath soft and conditioned


If you want to avoid a neck beard (and you really do), take the trimmer and shave away everything below a curved line that runs from ear-to-ear via a point about an inch above your Adam’s apple.

You can experiment with longer settings to keep the rest of your beard at a uniform length–although I keep the front of my beard (the goatee area) slightly longer than the rest, to lengthen the shape of my face and stop it looking so round (a beard can hide a multitude of chins).

Daily Care

After a daily wash with the shampoo, I comb out any tangles, massage in some balm and then apply a little oil to hold in the moisture and keep things shiny.

Et voila!

I told you I didn’t do anything fancy, but I hope that’s useful to those of you who asked for advice. Just a little time and care can keep the face fuzz looking clean and tidy instead of resembling a wild briar patch teeming with scruffy badgers.


Note: This post is in no way sponsored by or affiliated with the brands depicted; these are simply the products I currently have to hand.

Author: Gareth L Powell


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  1. ….as our staff have been returning to the office, I’ve been introducing myself with “Hi, I’m Michael, you might not recognise me, as I’m one of the few without a beard.”

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