New Book Announcement!

So, you might have seen on Twitter that I’m writing a book about writing for Luna Publishing. Here is their official announcement:#

Gareth L Powell Joins The Luna Family!

March 28, 2018

The Luna family is delighted to welcome Gareth L Powell! And a huge thank you also to his agent, Alexander Cochran from CW Agency UK. Most of you will know Gareth for his SFF novels and short stories – from the award-winning Ack Ack Macaque trilogy, to the recently released Embers of War. Gareth will be contributing to our Academia Lunare section, on a project that will be of particular interest to his many fans and any aspiring writers: Gareth L Powell – About Writing.

Gareth has been on the scene for several years now, establishing himself as one of Britain’s best SF voices. Not only that: his easygoing nature makes him incredibly approachable to his fans who, by the way, are growing by the day. He’s there for them – a strong, creative and useful social media presence, happy to inspire and nurture.

There are many aspiring writers among Gareth’s followers and friends, along with the rest of his fans, who will definitely appreciate this new book.

When I read the manuscript, I felt inspired, hopeful and comforted. It’s like having a kind mentor sitting next to you, encouraging you to write a little more when you are tired, or to make a start when you don’t think you can. I do believe this field journal will help many people. And even if you aren’t a writer, you can still benefit from it, in the way it gently accompanies you through whatever creative journey you are on.

Gareth told us:

There are some things nobody will ever teach you on a creative writing course. 

Lessons I had to learn the hard way, and things I wish I’d known when I was starting out as a writer. So I put this book together in the hope of passing on the insights I’ve gained in over a decade of writing professionally. This isn’t an English textbook. These are notes taken in the field and accounts of lessons-learned.

The book will be out in 2019.


Top 10 Spaceships In Fiction

I wrote an article for The Guardian about the Top 10 Spaceships in Fiction. You can read it here.

What do you think of my selection? Which ships would you have included?

Embers Reviews

The reviews for Embers of War have started to come in. Here are some choice quotes and links to the full reviews…

“Powell has begun a great sci-fi series, one likely to delight fans of Peter F Hamilton and Iain M Banks.  Great stuff.” Starburst Magazine

“Vivid and sharp, and at times grittily poetic.” Locus Magazine

“Compelling and satisfying.” – the Guardian

“Deep and juicy in the details… a morality play within a space opera, with literary-style character exploration in thriller-style structure and pacing.” – New York Journal of Books

“Powell has a good line in striking images and pulpy set-pieces, while the final third of the novel builds to a satisfyingly large-scale climax, and sets up a status quo that hints at some promising directions for the rest of the saga.” – SFX 

“This is a true space opera, full of suspense, and mystery, and stuff blowing up real good—but it’s the humanity of Powell’s vision that truly makes it something special.” Barnes & Noble 

“It’s hugely entertaining, and hints at a wider universe with the tantalising prospect of filling a Banksian hole in modern sci-fi.” – British Fantasy Society

Embers of War is a thoroughly exciting pageturner, full of characters and personalities I couldn’t get enough of, and it sets up the next novel in the series beautifully.” – For Winter Nights

“A space odyssey you are sure to fall in love with.”FangirlNation Magazine

“I think my favorite bit was how it was written. They was just a…I’m not even sure how to describe it, a higher quality of style, in the way it was written. There was an eloquence that I don’t always find in books, yet I found within these pages, that I appreciated and admired. I would have enjoyed the book for the writing alone (but lucky for me, the story was pretty fantastic, too).”Erlebnisse

“A first-rate author of space opera and alternate history.” – SFRevue

“This book delivers.” Jaine Fenn

“This is an excellently paced adventure that swells with energy and force, upping the stakes at every turn of the page. It also manages to consider some heady and relevant questions as it jumps in and out of hyperspace.” BookPage

“A fantastic space opera with tight prose, fast pacing, and unforgettable characters.” Looking Glass Reads

Head Explodes

When you have an imagination like Gareth Powell’s, you must write or paint or otherwise vent that imagination through art so your head won’t explode.

New York Review of Books

Full review here: link.

Blog Tour Dates

Today marks the official publication of Embers of War, and to help publicise the fact, the lovely people at Titan Books have sent me on a blog tour. Each day, I’ll be popping up somewhere on the internet with a guest post or interview. Below, you can find the dates and Twitter handles of each site, where you’ll be able to find out which books influenced Embers, my thoughts on classic and modern space opera, and all sorts of other good stuff.

Pretend they’re Pokemon and collect them all!


As you know, Embers of War hits the shelves on the 20th Feb. If you’d like me to sign a book or simply say hi in person, here’s a rundown of where I’ll be in February and March.

19 Feb: Waterstones Gower St. London – Join author EJ Swift and myself for readings, conversation and wine. 6:30pm. Admission £6/students £4  Book tickets here.

22 Feb: Forbidden Planet, Bristol – I will be signing copies of Embers of War from 6-7pm. Free to attend. Details here.

24 Feb: Foyles, Charing Cross Rd, London – I’ll be appearing at the first ever SFX Book Con alongside some other fantastic authors, such as Richard Morgan, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Peter F Hamilton, Claire North and Adam Roberts. Tickets £15. Details here.

22 Mar: Waterstones Bath – I will be appearing with MR Carey, the author of The Girl With All The Gifts. Free to attend. Details here.

30 Mar-1 Apr: Eastercon, Harrogate – The annual British Science Fiction convention. The programme hasn’t been released yet, so I don’t know what I’ll be doing while I’m there, but come over and say hello anyway. Details here. Membership required. Details here.


There’s more to come. I’ll continue to update this post, so do check back!

Three Of My Stories You Can Read Online Now

If you’re at a loose end waiting for the New Year, here are three of my short stories that can be read online for free. I hope you enjoy them.

1. Lift Up Your Face : A coming-of-age tale set in the Welsh Marches

2. Ride The Blue Horse : Two call centre employees try to make a big score in a world where the oil has run out (this story made the shortlist for the 2015 BSFA Awards).

3. Princess Blue Jean : Sleeping Beauty awakes with the recipe for an industrial revolution.

Happy reading!

BFA Review

The British Fantasy Society has reviewed ACK-ACK MACAQUE: THE COMPLETE TRILOGY.

Here are my favourite bits:

While each book’s plot reads like that of an action movie, there are many moments of genuine poignancy and sublime characterisation. The development of Ack Ack himself – from sweaty simian to someone much more – is particularly well done, but the other characters shine too, making them much more than a supporting cast. While his villains literally do want to take over the world, Powell ensures there’s a motivation behind it which pushes them beyond evil mastermind cliché.


Like the best science-fiction, it can be read as a commentary on important issues: animal experimentation would be the obvious one, but Powell also deals with identity, finding a place in society, and the lengths a person will go to after the loss of a loved one.

And lastly…

This omnibus also includes the original short story, first published in Interzone magazine, along with an updated ending exclusive to this edition, making it a fine package indeed. Overall, this is the fantastic romp it would initially appear to be; readers are sure to be entertained, but also intrigued and fascinated by the sheer range and depth that Powell has to offer within these pages.

You can read the whole thing on the BFA site, here.

Story Sale: Clarkesworld

My short story ‘Red Lights And Rain’ is available to read online in the new issue of Clarkesworld.

I’m rather chuffed to get a story in this publication.

To read it, click here.

Cover Reveal: Embers of War

Coming from Titan Books in February 2018…

(Cover by Julia Lloyd)