A Harsh Truth

Here’s a harsh truth. I have seen friends get disillusioned when the publishing industry isn’t queuing up to buy their five volume epic.

But the truth is, your book will not get published simply because you have written it. This isn’t high school; you don’t get a gold star for finishing an assignment.

Your story has to be original and exceptionally well written, with an irresistible hook to snag the attention and a reason for us to care about and relate to your characters.

And there has to be an audience for that type of story. It’s okay writing something with niche appeal, as long as that niche is large enough to justify the cost of publishing your book.

Yes, you are creating art, but you’re also creating a product, and like any other product, it has to appeal to the market.

And if you’re really good, you’ll find a way to achieve the latter without compromising the former.

Hopefully something on this blog will help you do it.

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Author: Gareth L Powell


One thought on “A Harsh Truth”

  1. A fellow Twitter user and I were discussing the publishing dilemma over the weekend. He clues me into a lot of the pros and cons of traditional vs indie publishing. This post brings it back to mind. I hope what I write, I write well enough to appeal to an audience of some sort. Your post is a good reality check.

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