My BristolCon Schedule

BristolCon will soon be upon us, and the programme has now been released.

I will be taking part in the following programme items:

12:00 Your Questions Answered – The Snug*
A roundtable discussion with award-winning author Gareth, in which he will do his best to answer your questions about writing and publishing genre fiction. An essential session for all aspiring SFF authors.
With: Gareth L. Powell

15:00 Writing Through the Storm – Programme Room 2
Writing fiction can provide emotional catharsis and writers often draw on challenging life events in their work. How does writing support you through challenging life events and how do such events enrich or distract from people’s writing? How has reading fiction helped our panel to navigate through life’s dark places?:
With: Kate Turner (KS Turner) (M), Joanne Hall, Stephanie Burgis, Gareth L. Powell, Neil Beynon

*If you want to attend the 12:00 session, please be aware that places are limited. 5 places will be available to book in advance on the BristolCon website, and 5 will be available to sign up on the day.

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Author: Gareth L Powell