Embers of War

Embers of War is the first in the highly-anticipated Embers Of War trilogy, which will continue with Fleet Of Knives and Light Of Impossible Stars. A thoughtful, character-driven space opera that will appeal to fans of Iain M. Banks and Ann Leckie, the series follows the fate of the sentient warship Trouble Dog and her crew.

They built her for violence. They made her a war criminal. But now she’s fighting back.

She was a warship created for the hardships of battle, but instead she finds herself disgusted by the atrocities she has been asked to commit. In an attempt to atone for her guilt she makes the ultimate sacrifice: to be decommissioned.

Stripped of her crew and weaponry she finds herself isolated in her new role in the world. But when another ship goes missing in a disputed system she’s assigned a new mission and a new purpose. Teamed with a new crew of misfits and captained by Sal Konstanz, an ex-captain of a medical frigate who fought against her in her previous life, they are assigned to investigate and save whoever they can.

What appears to be a straight forward rescue mission soon turns out to be something more dangerous as it becomes clear that someone on board the missing ship is not who they first seemed. Finding herself and her crew at the heart of a potential new conflict that could engulf not just mankind but the entire galaxy, TROUBLE DOG is going to have to remember how to fight, and quickly…

Published by: Titan Books

Publication date: Feb 2018

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