Book Deal: Hive Monkey to Solaris

Following yesterday’s launch of Ack-Ack Macaque, I am delighted to announce that a sequel has been commissioned. Here’s the press release:


Jonathan Oliver, commissioning editor of Solaris Books, has acquired SF novel HIVE MONKEY by Gareth L Powell.  The novel will be delivered in summer 2013, for an early 2014 publication. The agent was John Jarrold, and the deal was for UK/US rights.

The novel is a sequel to ACK-ACK MACAQUE, which Solaris publish later this month.

“Ack-Ack Macaque is now hiding from his unwanted fame by working as a pilot on a world-circling Zeppelin. But when the cabin of one of his passengers is invaded by the man’s own dying doppelgänger, our hirsute hero finds himself once again racing to save the world – this time from an aggressive hive mind, time-hopping saboteurs, and an army of homicidal Neanderthal assassins.”

Contact John Jarrold or Jonathan Oliver for further details.


Author: Gareth L Powell


2 thoughts on “Book Deal: Hive Monkey to Solaris”

  1. Congratulations Gareth! I’m just waiting for the monkey to drop through my door in time for Christmas. Hope he doesn’t trash the place 🙂


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